Daddy-Style Man’s Hand Film Classic “My Brother’s Keeper” Playing Now at SpankThis!

dad spanks son otk

This is one of the best spanking films I’ve seen…..

Dig strict Dads and no messing around punishment scenes?   If you love lengthy and hard Daddy-style spanking scenes, with both otk/hand and sizzling leather belt, similar to “Two Mad Dads,” do not miss “My Brother’s Keeper,” a classic Paternal, and hard, no-nonsense ass-blazing spank scene, Now Playing at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

spankthis mans hand spankingThis is the 7th Man’s Hand Film added to the huge spank roster at SpankThis. And these films are generally speaking, much more no-nonsense, domestic and harder punishment, than the more erotic-oriented SpankThis material. Basically, Daddy-style!  Realistic, authentic and pulse-poundingly hot.

mans hand films spanking– – – – >Here’s the plot synopsis: “When doing laundry chores Jake discovers a pack of cigarettes in his kid brother’s clothes. Jake knows Dad’s rules about smoking and decides to take matters into his own hands. He reminds Justin that if he got it from Dad it would be much worse.

“Jake gets all the way down to his brother’s bare butt when a phone call interrupts the spanking and proves that Justin was innocent. The cigarettes were a friend’s and so the tables turn. Humiliating your older brother with a spanking is great revenge – and Justin gets his revenge on Jake’s jeans, briefs and bare ass.

mans hand spanking otk“Unfortunately, that’s when Dad unexpectedly walks in on them.


“He is not happy and it becomes very evident on both boys’ briefs and bare behinds. He then demands to know who started it. Jake admits he was the instigator and so Dad proceeds to administer an expert dose of his belt on his son’s bare backside! And to make matters even worse, his kid brother gets to watch the whole thing.”

beltTo watch this must-see film instantly, get instant access today at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.


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