Spanking Model Spotlight: Sam Diego

 Helix Studios’ SpankThis has featured the extremely spankable model Sam Diego, who has appeared in 3 tail tanning videos, two of which were originally shot for Man’s Hand productions. [Correction: Sam Diego has appeared in another Man’s Hand flick, the excellent cop-themed “Disturbing the Peace.]

sam diego spanking model helixFirst we have Jeff Sterne laying on some palm prints on those honeybuns………This is more of an erotic style spanking…..

helix gay spanking…then we have a very long and hot, straight-up discipline-style OTK spanking, with both hand and hairbrush, that has Sam wriggling around with his firm bottom sizzling….jeans and undies tangled in a bundle of denim at his ankles.

gay spank photos….and finally, pictured below, Sam co-stars in “Two Mad Dads” where the posterior palm print action continues as two angry Dad’s display some traditional behavior modification techniques and light up two naughty asses…..

two mad dadsFor instant access to tons of M-M spank videos and photos, surf on over to SpankThis.

guys spanking guys


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