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Jeff Sterne and Devon Pryce star in this highly explicit, erotic, pulse-pounding, red-ass video, released in 2008 — a glowing hot must-see from the SpankThis archives.

Written by Anonymous, Spanking4Men Senior Contributor

Some boyz are hot looking, others can take hard spankings, and sometimes we find that combination in a boy who is very easy on the eyes, well put together, and enjoys getting his tush tanned.

Such a lad is Devon Pryce. Devon can be found in the SpankThis archives, and he has an impressive body of work – yep, his body works hard at sexually pleasuring himself and other Helix models.

Devon did a fantastic spanking video with Jeff Sterne in this classic 2008 release. Jeff is the primo spanker at SpankThis, and is a master at blazing boyz bunz until they are cherry red and very tender.

When Mr. Sterne tackles the issue of spanking Devon, he soon finds that this bad boi wants and needs a hard dose of corporal punishment; and is cheeky and upfront about insinuating his desire.

The scene opens with Devon smirking and smiling as he identifies a holed paddle that will shortly be used across his trousered tail.

From the start, it’s easy to see that this model boy loves being chastised and his moans and yelps of pain are just his way of expressing the intensity of the moment. Jeff Sterne follows through as only he can, spanking Devon’s covered butt and working his way toward underwear only.

An assortment of paddles is applied to this young guy’s ass, and in almost no time at all his pants are lowered and a hand spanking across his underwear-clad rump begins. Those shorts come down to show how aroused Devon is, and from the size of his junk, he IS aroused – and is a big boy too! Sterne takes note of this fact, but saves any action of that sort for later.

Devon’s legs are spread wide, affording us a candid view of his very innermost secret, that cute little rosebud between his cheeks. It won’t be long before Sterne deals with that item as well as Devon’s rapidly reddening butt cakes.

Devon is soon totally bareass, and the paddles are brought back into use on that beautiful booty of his. Sterne gets the boy into a head down ass up submissive posture and trots out the dreaded riding crop. Although in Devon’s case, it’s not the fear factor but something the lad likes.

As the crop stings the model boy’s cheeks and thighs, the odd stroke or two impacts directly onto Devon’s puckered hole, something that no boy can resist in responding, and young Mr. Pryce certainly responds with moans of pain and pleasure intermingled.

A short break in the action finds Devon briefly allowed to stand, with Jeff checking out the lad’s red butt. Devon is re-positioned on the corner of the bed with his hard package pointing out behind him and between his thighs. Now, the final implement is brought out, and the ole’ razor strop begins to make itself felt, burning lick after burning lick.

Devon is required to count out the lashes, and he complies with a catch in his voice indicating the intensity of his experience.

It hurts so good, and the boy shows both his pain and his arousal. The final ten licks of the strop are laid on hard, and he takes it well – just the way an obedient bad boi ought to.

Jeff spanks hard and then comforts his model, playfully asking him if the lad needs more – and receiving a cheeky grin with a yes from Devon, who thanks Sterne for the spanking. We leave the boy as he gets dressed and looks none the worse for wear, except for that incredibly cute, rosy red rump.

If you’re a subscribing member of SpankThis, grab your butt with both hands and search out this very hot spank production. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to watch this one again….

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