Top 4 Must-See Man’s Hand Films

Some classic Man’s Hand Films are Playing Now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis, and below are my top 4 favest, if you dig no-nonsense spanking action on the harder side. Undies-down, bare ass, Daddy-style…..

mans hand films star struck sam

“Star Struck Sam”

“Star Struck Sam”a TV star hires a personal assistant, who ends up needing some posterior punishment assistance, bottoms-up and undies down.

mans hand films spanking mad dads

“Two Mad Dads”

“Two Mad Dads” if you dig double bare bottom stacatto tail toasting featuring two angry Dads, this vid is a must-see.

disturbing the peace male spanking

“Disturbing the Peace”

“Disturbing the Peace”where a cop displays that the long arm of the law sometimes involves a smoking, hot backside and justice is served over the knee.

my brothers keeper mans hand films male spanking porn

“My Brother’s Keeper”

“My Brother’s Keeper in which Dad offers some serious hands-on behavior modification to two bad boyz.

For instant access to all these films and tons more undies-down action, surf on over to SpankThis today !!


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