Man’s Hand Film “Just Desserts” Premiers on SpankThis

mans hand films spankingPlaying now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis: “Taylor and his Dad [editorial note: one of the hardest hand spankers I’ve seen!] sit down for dinner and Dad asks about his day. Dad already knows about the accident Taylor had earlier that day but Taylor hasn’t said a word. Finally Dad asks straight out and Taylor lies….”

spanking mans hand films“Dad is not happy and announces there will be a spanking after dinner. Taylor loses his appetite and soon finds himself over Dad’s knee for a serious hand spanking on his jeans, tight boxer briefs and bare butt. Then Dad sends him off to get the strap, an old fashioned Canadian school boy strap. The boy gets a serious butt blistering with the nasty instrument….”

gay spanking pornThis bad boi gets his ass blazed!  Damn!  No-nonsense, hard, old-fashioned discipline.

spankthis mans handSee this Man’s Hand Spanking film, and tons more corporal punishment videos, instantly at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

helix studios spankthis

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