Man’s Hand Films: “A Matter of Choice,” Playing Now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis

Written by Chuck, Reviewer At Large

Man’s Hand Bonus Scene: “Matter of Choice,” playing now at SpankThis.

mans hand film

This little spank action film is about half an hour long and is one of those hidden gems in the Man’s Hand Film catalogue that Helix Studios’ SpankThis has accessed for your pervy pleasure.

gay spanking porn

First off, when the opening logo is a still shot of a cute naked butt with a large hand-print on the left cheek, you KNOW that you are in for something good. This scene is about 5 years old, so fairly current by most internet standards.

It features Matt McCormack and John Welter – and true to his surname, Mr. Welter places a few generous red welts across young Matt’s rump cheeks. The plot is a simple one, since who needs an excuse to chastise those sweet cheeks anyway! Matt is a spanko and shows up for a spanking session, with John as the spanker.


As a bit of spicing up to their regular hiney-heating fun, John has a large display of implements spread out and Matt is going to take 6 of the best from his choice of six of those butt-beating tools. The film opens with shots of several restraint devices – stocks, spanking bench and the like, with one of the largest ASSortment of spanking implements laid out, that this long-time spanker has ever seen!

helix spanking otk

Of course Matt’s choice takes place after a good warm up. He takes the initial spanking on the seat of his jeans, then on his tighty-whities, and finally on that delectable and eminently spankable bare rump. I don’t know about you, but a guy’s bare ass over my knee just sends me into spank heaven, with my goal of total reddening of those curved ass mounds. And so it must be with John, as he spares no energy in heating up Matt’s seat.

undies down otk

Matt is experienced as a spanking bottom, this sure ain’t his first rodeo…ummmm….spank session. He handles the initial OTK work very nicely with

barely any verbal response. Although restraints are fun and I use several different methods myself, nothing is more satisfying than watching a master spanker like John deliver a solid, searing flurry of spanks to a young man bent over his knee.


mans hand film spanking otk

When a guy bares it, bends over and puts his hands flat on the floor, you know he has submitted to the spanker’s will. Matt has a delectable ass, not too muscular or hard, just plump enough to exhibit that cute jiggle as John’s hand lands – more bounce to the ounce!

Now to the more intense stuff. Six implements are selected – a wide leather strap, a thick frat paddle and a smaller paddle, a leather tawse, a long-handled brush and a rattan cane. Obviously, Matt’s no stranger to spanking or to the pain of a welted seat, and he undresses eagerly, ready to take up the challenge of the implements. I must comment on and compliment Man’s Hand for excellent videography.

implements spanking

When so many spank videos out there are boring one-camera-on-a-tripod scenes, there is lots of action in this production, good closeups and a variation of shots that keep the viewer’s interest – as befitting a quality production studio like Helix.

Matt has stripped nude and is mounting the spanking bench for his ordeal of pain/pleasure. He’s a willing spankee, since no restraint straps or tie-downs are needed. He feels the sting of the brush first and takes the 6 swats well, his only reaction being his eyes squinted up as he feels the heat begin to build.


The large leather strap/belt takes over, reminiscent of a lad, his dad and the woodshed. A good dose of that type of strap straightened out many young men, back in the day.

The videographer makes good use of a large wall mirror, to frame his subject for the cane. John takes his time, as a proper caning needs a few moments between each stroke to allow the sensations to build effectively. A good closeup of Matt’s beautiful bum shows us the reddening of his spanking, and if one looks closely, one may see the cane marks.

tawse spanking

Next is the tawse, another English/Scots implement that is tailor made for inflicting a painful thrashing on a guy’s bare butt. Tawses are multi-tailed narrow straps. Back then they were referred to as ‘the belt’ even though they weren’t employed in keeping up one’s trousers. In fact, trousers were dropped to deal with this type of ‘belt’.

Matt is allowed to get up and rest for a few moments before the rest of the chosen implements are applied. We don’t get to see the last few, as this was a bonus scene not originally released by itself — but it’s a great spanking film all the same!

Forget the popcorn and beverage, grab your own butt with both hands after you’ve surfed over to SpankThis to enjoy Matt and John in “Matter of Choice”!


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