Re-Blogged: Should Spankings Start Over Jeans??

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helix studios

All photos courtesy of SpankThis.

helix spank this

Spanking a naughty twink bare ass

I was wondering, dear readers if you, generally speaking, prefer to start spanking an errant, misbehaving, wayward brat over his tight jeans?? OR if you prefer to start straight on the bare tail, or underwear, to warm his buns up to a nice glow, for starters? [Or if you are mainly a spankee, how do you prefer to be spanked?]

I have found an array of sizzling SpankThis imagery which illustrates the spanking over jeans method as practiced by the unstoppable Jeff Sterne…..As always, your comments and feedback are appreciated…. 🙂 Thank you!

gay spanking from helix studios

For more imagery from this blazing hot scene starring Christian Collins, check out a free preview video and gallery.


men spanking men featured on Helix Studios

Now this is what you call multi-tasking!


Twink spanking from

How appropriate that this brat’s name is Tanner. Check out a free preview vid and more spanking pix of Tanner.

twink punishment from Helix Studios

P.S. Of course, jeans ALWAYS come down for the inevitable bare ass butt blistering…….those jeans in a useless tangle at his ankles, ass arched up and bucking and squirming and growing hotter….You know they need it.

spankthis twink punishment from Helix Studios

Visit Helix Studio’s SpankThis website to get Instant Access to tons of videos and 1,000’s of high-res erotic images. Enjoy!

brushh larger

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2 Responses to Re-Blogged: Should Spankings Start Over Jeans??

  1. 9/15/15 4:05a Spanking 4 Men
    Spankings: Pre-Spanking should start with Major Swats on his Ass by a Man’s Hand on the Man’s Tight Pants as, he’s dragged over for a Harsh Spanking. On a Couch or Chair, he’s placed over the knee, his Pants/Shorts are pulled down for an OTK Bare Assed Spanking with a Man’s Bare Hand.

  2. Scott says:

    I’d rather see Jeff Sterne on the receiving end of a spanking than giving them.

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