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Man’s Hand Films – “JUST DESSERTS”

Written by Chuck, Reporter at Large

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Man’s Hand Films found a winning formula back when they first started production, and that was to present Male/Male spankings in a fashion that closely resembled a typical father/son punishment session. Having been a teen myself back in those times, I can vouch for the authenticity of MHF’s presentations.

In “Just Desserts,” playing now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis, Ken Stocker (as Dad) finds that his son, played by Taylor Lee, has lied to him about a vehicle accident, and tried to completely cover it up. Dad already knows that something is amiss, because the repair shop made inquiries as to his insurance coverage.

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One might think that Taylor would have come clean and admitted the accident, and perhaps have suffered no more than a grounding without the car for a while. However, lying and denying never works for long, and pretty soon sonny boy finds himself being prepared for a serious butt blistering.

I must say that the entire back story and great videography make for a totally realistic and believable scene. While Taylor goes to prepare himself for discipline, we see dad removing his necktie and rolling up his sleeves in preparation for a very serious butt smacking time.

The chastisement of this bad boy begins with Taylor reluctantly presenting himself, and bending over for a very firm hand spanking across the seat of his jeans. This progresses to the jeans being lowered and the spanks continuing to rain down on Taylor’s undershorts.

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Dad doesn’t spank too long before even those shorts come down, and the last vestige of protection for his wayward son’s hiney disappears, as the spanking continues on the lad’s already reddened butt cheeks. Dad sure is a tough spanker, as Taylor’s tight and muscular glutes show clear signs of that familiar shade of spanked boy red. Although many implements exist with which to chastise a young man, the application of the hand does a wonderful job by itself, or as a warm-up to further proceedings.

Taylor is in for the full treatment, as his dad commands him to stand up after a good dose of the Man’s Hand for almost 15 non-stop rump-roasting minutes. However, our boy is not through with paying the penalty for lying. Dad orders son upstairs to fetch the strap, to complete the boy’s punishment.

And it’s not just some old leather belt — but a rather fearsome and painful implement known as the Canadian School Strap.


The sting and burn is intense, as Taylor quickly discovers. He returns to his dad in the kitchen, hands him the weapon of ass destruction, and bends over dad’s lap to take some hard licks!

This was no special effects faked discipline session, as the sharp smack of the strap across boy butt, and the unmistakable look of pain on Taylor’s face are clear indicators that he felt every lick.

The lad takes part of the strapping across his tightly stretched undershorts, which soon descend to permit a view of his well-punished rear end. Dad is no slouch and does not spare one lick, as he expertly wields the strap to place some serious welts across Taylor’s young bottom.

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This, my spanko friends, is a totally true-to-life spanking. Taylor’s moans, whimpers and squirming while across dad’s lap tell the tale (of his blistered tail!!). Finally, dad relents and ends the discipline with the stern admonishment that Taylor will have to pay for the repairs to the damaged car, along with his debt of a seriously welted pair of butt cheeks. Man, that boy’s rump is gonna be sore for a while!

From opening scene to closing credits, this MHF production delivers 25 solid minutes of spanking entertainment – something that both Man’s Hand and SpankThis are known for. If you get off on seeing a young man seriously chastised for his unacceptable behaviour, point your mouse over to SpankThis by Helix Studios.

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