Get Your Ass in the Corner !

After Garrett’s ass blistering via the punishing birch paddle from a recent Real Male Spankings update, his blazed buns are sent to the corner.   One of the most scorched asses I’ve seen in a while.  Just curious — How many of you use cornertime when punishing?

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2 Responses to Get Your Ass in the Corner !

  1. Keith says:

    Whow – that’s going to be pretty sore for some time – one of those hard-to-sit-down kind of spankings. Embarrassment is a big part of spanking and corner time is a good way to string this out. I’m sure all the lad in the picture wants to do is to rub his sore ass and then cover it up out of sight.

  2. jake teneby says:

    Oh yes…Cornertime is used by my Daddy in every Spanking I get. I can’t think of one recently when Daddy didn’t put me in The Corner.

    Yesterday he also tried something new. I had to sit on my red, raw fanny on the hard wooden Spanking chair while he watched me. I had to keep my hands on my knees and sit up straight. I was repeatedly switched/paddled for not obeying those instructions.

    Cornertime that is not followed as Daddy instructs, can also be a good time to imprint learning and obedience I found out yesterday. So, like, if Daddy says, “Hands at your sides or hands on your head (like in the pic in your blogpost)”, then if you don’t do as he instructs, it turns out to be a good time to administer further bottom beatings.

    Just one experience, hope it’s useful.

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