“A Taste of Your Own Medicine” Now Playing at SpankThis!

A classic bun-blazer, “A Taste of Your Own Medicine,” produced by Man’s Hand Films, is playing now at Helix Studios SpankThis. Featuring some hot medical-themed ass-tanning, this one is sure to please fans of hard OTK spank action, tighty whities undies yanked down. . . .

spankthis mans hand filmsHere’s the film synopsis: “When Jack goes to his doctor for a routine physical, the new intern catches him stealing blank prescription forms. Since he’s already undressed, it’s easy for the young doctor to just slide him over his knee and deliver a long, hard spanking.

“When the attending physician interrupts, Jack is stark naked with a very red butt. The doc decides that the intern needs a “taste of his own medicine.” By the time he is finished, both boys are naked, with burning red asses – and begging the doctor to stop. This is a good old-fashioned OTK hand spanking by a relentless authority figure.”

CollageClick here to watch this Man’s Hand film, and tons more hot spanking videos, instantly at Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

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