Classic House Boi Spanking

Reblogging some of our favest posts: A truly iconic, and timeless, double ass whipping photo from a 2005 Helix Studios’ SpankThis release, entitled “Houseboi Discipline,” which features 4 delicious scenes, that I know you will enjoy. . . .

houseboi twink spanking

“Keep those naughty asses arched for me. Let’s see if a good, old-fashioned belt lickin’ gets the message across, and gets your tails blazing hot and bright red.”

Jeff Sterne demonstrates excellent belt lickin’ skills in this classic cherry-cheeked fanny-flaming vid, which can be found in the truly massive SpankThis archives in their member’s area. Those two twink tails belong to John Deere and Ty Riggs, who also get spanked and paddled to glowing hot hues in this must-see video.

houseboi helix spanking

This film may be several years old, but the action is timeless. “Houseboi Discipline” features the following red-ass action, from otk discipline to blazing paddle punishment, all available in the member’s section at SpankThis.


P.S.   For more belt lickin’ pix, check out this sizzling hot post on “SpankThis: Best of the Belt”

Click here to watch this film instantly and surf on over to Helix Studios’ SpankThis.

helix studios spankthis

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