Man’s Hand Film “Beginner’s Luck” Playing Now at SpankThis


The highly eroticized film “Beginner’s Luck,” produced by Man’s Hand Films, is now playing at SpankThis.

hx112_scene25_2Here’s the synopsis: Young Travis finds Skye’s on-line ad for spankings and responds – but is a bit afraid – it’s his first time.

After a brief conversation about what he can expect, Skye delivers a gentle over-the-knee introduction to spanking as Travis reacts.

Physically, he is moaning and wincing at each slap – but other parts of his body are betraying his pleasure. Ordering Travis to strip, he is led into a private dungeon where Skye continues the hand spanking and uses a leather strap.


When the young man won’t stop reaching back, Skye uses restraints to keep his hands in place. He then spanks the handsome lad to a very obvious climax.


Click here to watch this film, and tons more, instantly at SpankThis.

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