The Doctor is In!

doctor spanksThe latest Man’s Hand Film, playing now at Helix Studios’ SpankThis, features a iron-handed doctor who has his own unique way of dealing with patients — (this wicked hot bun-blazing vid, FYI, has a similar theme to “A Taste of Your Own Medicine.”)

“At work, Luke is selected for a random drug test and sent to the doctor’s office to give a urine specimen. When the results come back, the doctor discovers that Luke has cheated and he confronts the handsome hunk.

“The doctor is in no mood for Luke’s attitude – and he promptly readjusts it with a firm application of his hand to the 19-year-old’s briefs and bare butt. By the time that the doctor finishes with a birch paddle, Luke is ready to give the doctor anything he wants – including a genuine sample!”

mans hand filmsClick here to watch this film, and tons more, instantly!

helix studios spankthis

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