An Old-Fashioned Whuppin’ — A Classic from Control T Studios

I’m reposing this article, originally published in 2013, cuz this vid is lit AF ! 🙂

control t male spanking

Wait, Dad I”m sorry…OW!! Sorry is just not good enough……

Written by a Spanking4Men Guest Columnist

Sometimes, it’s fun and even a bit educational to visit the archives of spankology and view some of the older material available on the Internet.

Male/Male spanking has some very interesting beginnings, which paved the way for the hot guy on guy action we see today.

Control T Studios male spankingSo I checked out the classic “scene 6” of this “vintage” bun-blazing film entitled “A Good Old-Fashioned Whuppin” from Control-T studios, one of the very first professional production houses to create and market imagery specifically dedicated to the spanking of young guys. And this sizzling “Scene 6” is probably the hottest ass-tanning scene on this compilation video.

Now, some of you who see this particular scene, or any of the early stuff on the web, might comment on the age of the model being spanked as looking older than a teen.

Others might comment on the corny plot and dialogue used. And even others might complain that the spanking itself wasn’t really that hard and the acting was weak.

So okay, let’s do a reality check here. If skilled and gifted professionals would have been available at the next-to-nothing talent fees paid back then, we would have probably seen some interesting faces and butts; and experienced a more Hollywood-like production.

However, since most of these videos/films had to be shot on a very limited budget with those models who were willing to bare ass and be spanked…

And the fact that catering to male spanking fetishists was (and still is) not a major area of adult entertainment in terms of deriving huge financial support — I feel that Control T Studios and other early studios did very well in providing great erotic entertainment for us spankos.

So, the plot on this scene (number 6) develops around a very typical occurrence, a high school student bringing home a lousy report card and dad punishing his ass with a hard spanking to correct and perhaps motivate the lad to better work ethics. There are many of us in the viewing audience who can bear witness to having received exactly this kind of spanking – and even worse in real life!

Dad is reading the report card, and is exasperated at the continued poor efforts of his son. A scolding ensues, with the verbal declaration that the spanking promised the boy, if he failed to pull up his grades, would be meted out.

The ‘boy’ does behave like most petulant control t spanking 2and mouthy teens, giving his dad the “aww c’mon dad I’m too old for spankings” line. Dad is having none of that, and commands his son OTK.

The chastisement quickly escalates from spanking over the boy’s jean clad butt to spanks over the undershorts, and then to a bare bottom spanking.

Our “teen” model is a bit on the furry side, but has a very spankable ass – surely the best qualification for casting in the role.

The spanks are real enough and sufficiently hard that the model didn’t enjoy them, and Dad seems angry enough at sonny boy’s poor scholastic performance, and thus delivers a spanktastic performance himself, at reddening and toning up his son’s bare ass.

There is a decent bit of drama developing too, as the spanked boy’s younger brother is seen in a cutaway shot, as he listens to the the crack of dad’s hand across bare male ass, and sneaking down the hall to slyly peek in the crack of the opened door to watch his bro getting a toasted tush.

Dad looks up as younger son begins to grope himself in the doorway with the erotic turn on of seeing his sibling spanked, and the boy is quickly ordered into the room and told to stand there and not move.

He reluctantly does so and his older bro is allowed to stand while younger bro is told to drop trou and is hauled over dad’s lap for some cheek-chastening action of his own.

Dad is working up a sweat punishing his boys, and lets his younger son stand for a moment while he takes off his shirt and goes bare-chested.

The bad boi is quickly hauled back down over dad’s lap, shorts lowered, and he obediently but painfully submits to a time of toasted bun torment.

vintage male spanking eroticaA glance over at older bro shows us that not only is he enjoying the idea of his young bro being spanked, he is getting very aroused by the view.

In real life, we might not see a spanked boy rubbing one off in front of dad, but nonetheless this is a scene to which many guys can relate.

The hairbrush makes another appearance as the younger lad takes a serious blistering from his father, and our first lad continues to enjoy the sight by signifying so with his hand busy in his lap.

There are a number of scenes on this extended play video, this one is number six and could be thought of as one of the hottest on the vid, possibly the best one to view if you are just seeking one shot to watch. You can also check out more Control T Studios that are streaming on-demand.

Speaking of shots, the spanking continues as older bro is seen in the final throes of ecstasy, as the production fades to black.

In spanking vids back then, the money shot rarely made it to the final edited product, but the model is enjoying himself and his face tells us all we really need to know.

Old can be new again, if you have never viewed this masterpiece of early spanktastic imagery. Spank your mouse over to “A Good Old Fashioned’ Whuppin” and check this Control T Studios film out, streaming on-demand…..and enjoy!

Control T Studios male spanking

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