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Spanking4Men Classics: The Spanking Master, Part Deux!

Love these classic video box cover graphics,  and this one is a fav that sports some sizzling photography, and harkens back to early day of VHS tapes, and producers like Man’s Hand, Control T Studios, FilmCo, etc.   You can watch … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day; And Naughty Boy Kade Gets Punished on ClareSpanksMen

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day, and hopefully, engaged in some old-fashioned, traditional, over-the-knee Daddy-style spanking. The graphic design squad at S4Men made the graphic below just for fun. Source image is one of my faves and is a … Continue reading

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Daddy Spanks in “Spank Your Buddy”

Simply classic over-the-knee butt blazin’ ! This is one of the best spanking pix I’ve seen. This “vintage” and iconic OTK image [mid 1980’s?] is from the Bacchus video entitled “Spank Your Buddy.” In this scene, a traditional and stern … Continue reading

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Is Chuck Norris a Spanko?

  Is it just me or does that look like a young Chuck Norris performing an over-the-knee butt beadown? in this Man’s Hand Film, now distributed via Bacchus, called “Spank ’em Hard.” Your thoughts, dear readers?  

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